This hot diva is a regualr within the Caribbean fashion circles.

She has graced many catwalks and magazine pages, but is still yet to be signed internationally!! Just liek most of those residing within the region.

However, there is one thing seperating her from the pack. Her distinct features. I think this gal CLEARLY has what it takes to make it big. She just needs focus and drive!

Aim for it girl!! 😉 You definitely got my support! 😀


Barbados Music Awards 2010-REVIEW!!!

This year’s Barbados Music Awards was held at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on Sunday, 10 January 2010. Hosted by international bajan top model and current Miss Barbados Leah Marville and Jamar Browne.

 It was an A-class event attended by some of the elite in fashion and music!! Some of these attendees were;

International Barbadian top model Sara Collins, donning a fabulous design by local designer Nefertari and jewelry provided by Diamonds International
Music icon and force behind the Jackson legacy, Joseph Jackson
Local top model Sedia Jackman and family arriving at the awards
local pioneer within the fashion industry, Betty West!
the soca Queen herself, Alison Hinds and the Prime Minister of Barbados, David Thompson
the Soca Queen collecting one of her MANY awards of the night in a fabulous Jewel Shannon gown

Now, let’s talk about the performances. The good, the bad and the …..

First up, the ever-fab Ria Borman..

Donning a flawless Pat Blackman gown from the collection PB:The Couture Woman

This vocal powerhouse shook the entire gymnasium with her goosebumps-provoking performance!

The gorgeous Livvi Franc

 Ms. Franc stepped up her game from the MIX96.9 Jingle Jam! And I was impressed! The international bajan star performed Lovey Dovey and Now I’m That Chick. Her stage presence and energy on stage had improved immensely since the Jingle Jam!! 

And speaking of the Jingle Jam, Jaicko also made a significant improvement from the Jingle Jam performance. He created a never-ending hype amoungst the audience and engaged them in his performance. Not to mention his back-up dancers, who were once again fly and on point!!

Rubytech was letting the people know that he’s back… but I’m still waiting patiently for his return. I was not moved nor impressed by his performance. However, this talented young gentleman has so much potential and needs to show more personality and carisma while on stage. We’ll be waiting Rubytech, ’til you come back.

THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE: Choreography by Trevor Pretty

THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE: Shane Reese (Michael Jackson impersonator) was absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Smooth, flawless moves. Even Joseph Jackson said, "That was the closest to Michael Jackson that I have ever seen." That alone should tell you how great this guy was!

THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE:(from left to right) Dwane Husbands, Ronnie Morris, Ria Borman, TC, Cherish Breedy, Tejay and Omar McQuilkin

The moment everyone was waiting for… FANTASIA!!!

Fantasia gave a breathtaking 45 mitunte soul performance. Whereas most artistes give a two song performance, Fantasia performed an amount of songs close to an entire album!!

There was even a point where she invited Bajan soultress Ria Borman to join her on stage for a freestyle.


Overall, the event was great! From breathtaking fashions to mind-blowing performances and international celebs, the 2010  Barbados Music Awards was the place to be!!

MIX96.9 Jingle Jam

The Mix 96.9 Jingle Jam was held on Thursday, 17 December 2009 at The Plantation. Entertainment was provided by Nexcyx, Threads of Scarlet, Livvi Franc, Jaicko and a surprise tease performance by Vita!


Not only was it the most memorable Xmas music event in Barbados but I would also say that it was one of the most anticipated local music events of the year.

Stu Damm (Threads of Scarlet's dynamic drummer)

The most dynamic performances, in my opinion, were from Nexcyx & Threads of Scarlet. The bajan bands, led by Mahalia Phillips and Nicholas Ward & Jesse Foster(respectively), not only displayed great stage presence and got the crowd’s participation but showed signs of musical excellence!! From Nexcyx’s pop covers and original club-bangers to Threads of Scarlet’s indie singles and head-banging mainstream rock hits. 

Nexcyx: Mahalia Phillips

Threads of Scarlet: Nicholas Ward

 Threads of Scarlet: Jesse Foster

These lead singers continue to show us their amazing raw talent and that they are of international standards.

Livvi on stage

Livvi Franc’s performance was lacking stage presence and energy. However, she made up for it in her FLAWLESS vocals. She performed her new single Lovey Dovey and her Billboard #1 hit single Now I’m That Chick.


One of Jaicko's dancers
Jaicko's other dancer
Jaicko performing on stage

Jaicko’s performance commenced with a very interesting and visual introduction, with laser lights and DJ Malcolm X remixing his previous hit singles. Though being the headliner, Jaicko’s performance lacking one thing, STAGE PRESENCE. His ‘back-up’ dancers showcased more stage presence than he did, therefore resulting in most of the audience’s attention being drawn towards them. Well.. unless you were one of the bewitched, pre-teen, Jaicko-obsessed fans, who were clearly oblivious to this obvious observation. One thing I must say is that his style is off the chain!!

Vita on the videoshoot of "Young Money"

Vita‘s unscheduled tease lasted about 30 seconds as she introduced Livvi Franc on stage. But she caused so much hype amoungst the crowd that she left them begging for more! The irresistible allure that is Vita! There’s no doubt in my mind this chick is gonna make it and make it BIG!



The Ultimate DRE DECARLO Promotion has officially started. Stay tuned for hot shoots with stars such as Vita Chambers, Livvi Franc, Tennille Stoute, Sara Collins, Leah Marville, Imogen Cooper and much more!

first up… VITA CHAMBERS, SRP/Universal Motown recording artiste!!!!!


Time is almost here guys, for the annual Barbados Music Awards. So I’m doing this write-up to tell you guys what I think the hottest things are going to be or what I think the hottest things SHOULD be and some standard guidelines.

First up, everyone knows that black is a staple in fashion all-round. Now, here’s what I’m thinking (as I am an out-of-the-box person), FUNK IT UP; neon! Neon pink, neon blue, neon yellow PAIRED with black. One can rock it out with some sick accesories like funky or metallic jewelry, and matching (in colour) converse [more so the teens than anyone else would wear this].

However, if you’re a conservative, then this is NOT the outfit for you. You would probably go for a more sophisticated, cliche look. Body-fitted LBD, with matching stilhetto pumps and clutch, dangling earrings and bracelet. There’s nothing wrong with that! It just means that you have a different taste, more polished and classic. But, here’s a funked-up version, that I found on,  of what I just described to you.

For all my tomboys, you can look hot too! Here’s an example of a HOT tomboy outfit.

Now let’s pick this outfit apart! You’ve got your hot plaid jacket, a simple white vest or v-neck t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and a rocking pair of converse!

Now, for those who are thinking about ‘meshing‘ the two together, YOU CAN! Try wearing funky LBD, with lots of hot silver jewelry and NEON pumps (or vise versa). That way, if you’re not too ‘out-there’ like I am, it won’t be so much of an overload for you.

Glamour girls, it’s simple but fierce, red. Red is ALWAYS in for New Year’s Eve. A simple hot red number with a halter top will do the trick. Cannot, I reapeat, CANNOT go wrong with this and a pair of hot stilettos (black, gold or silver, depending on jewelry). (as pictured below)

satin-halter-dress.jpg (596×507)

Always remember to feel comfortable with fashion, therefore meaning that you have to be your yourself and create your OWN style. FUNK IT UP! Dare to be DIFFERENT!!!

funky different
simple but different
Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen in a hottt black and neon outfit... TAKE NOOTES!